SOLVATOR - visual software for solvent evaluation and mixtures with Teas-charts

SOLVATOR : A visual software for the use of the Teas-triangle.
Developed since 1990 and for MS-Windows 1994-2005 by Gunter Lorenz.

A colorful, clear and explaining program that serves as a valuable tool for the restorer concerned with solvents in restoration and conservation.

Drag and Drop, click and fill form SOLVATOR allows you to evaluate solvents according to the needs in conservation and restoring as well as in respect of occupational health and safety regulations.

With the user interface designed as the Teas-Triangle and with drag and drop operations the user is able to really "see what happens".

SOLVATOR enables you to improve your mixtures and to replace more harmful ones through less harmful ones.
With 3 data tables for solvents, substances and notes SOLVATOR gives you a wide possibility of storing your own experiences and thus enhancing the knowledge base of the program.

Printout tools and file-saving help you in your tasks of documentation.

SOLVATOR is only available for Windows 32 bit systems

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PDF from cool.conservation-us.org


Screenshot showing the user interface indicating solubiltity regions for types of substances (lines) and a series of different aged substances (red circles).